Beautiful shot at Baker Beach / San Francisco Bay Area 旧金山湾区婚纱照

This is just after basic editing, not detail retouch yet! I always try to give my couples more photos and the best finished photos as I can, not just those 20 or 30 detail retouched ones.

婚纱照400多张基本处理的照片之一,还没有进ps精修。每次拍摄我都会尽力把所有照片处理到接近最终完成品,不仅仅是精修后的,而且每次拍摄我都会尽最大可能给新人最多的好照片 。每张照片都值得成为它最好的样子!

San Francisco Bay Area Pre Wedding 洛杉矶旧金山湾区婚礼婚纱照摄影师 Tommy Xing Photography.jpg