Wedding tips: veil on short hair/婚礼小贴士,短发新娘请注意。。。

重要的事说3遍: 多带卡子,多带卡子,多带卡子!!!

  1. 头纱通常比我们想象的沉,尤其买了长纱的童鞋。

  2. 如果是长头发的话,通常头纱比较容易固定在发型里。短发吃重就比较困难了,所以卡子,并且是很多的备用卡子固定作用太重要了!

  3. 如果化妆师不跟装,也和她/他多要一包卡子留在身边以备急需。


hair clips, hair clips, hair clips! Don't think you got enough, get more!

1. Veil is much heavier than you thought! Especially beautiful long veil.

2. Get the veil on your short hair is not easy. So get more hair clips from your MUA!

3. If your MUA doesn't follow you for the whole day, please ask her to give your some hair clips. You will need them.