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Cave B Seattle Wedding by Tommy Xing 西雅图婚礼跟拍婚纱照

"At early stage of my wedding planning, I was attracted by Tommy's beautiful works. What finally make him stand out from other photographers was the consistant quality throughout his portfolio. Every single wedding and hundreds of photos from each wedding in his portfolio were absolutely beautiful, yet unique, special and real to each very different wedding. I was quite confident on the wedding day that he would capture all the important and special moments for me artistically and truly to me. When he delivered my photos, he still managed to exceed my high expectation and took my breath away. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law bursted into tears after they went through the album. I got so many compliments on my dress, my make up, venue, food, decoration, cake etc from friends and families who celebrated from afar after seeing the photos. Tommy definitely had every single detail and every moment documented in the best possible way. I also shared a wide angle shot with the venue's manager to thank them for the great service. They asked if I can let them buy a copy of my album for future marketing purpose. I cannot appreciate Tommy's work more. The flowers and the cake are gone. But great momories and these beautiful images will stay with me forever."

--Yunzhi & John

Wayfaeres Chaple Wedding by 洛杉矶婚礼婚纱摄影师Tommy Xing 玻璃教堂婚礼.jpg

"Wedding is basically a huge money-burning party, but at the end of the day, all that’s left is the pictures. Wedding photographers usually charge a lot of money, but in return it’s not guaranteed that you will get what you are paying for. Because of that, we went through a length and difficult process trying to find “the right photographer,” and choosing Tommy as our photographer is THE BEST DECISION we made for our big day! We saw Tommy’s work from a friend’s blog. It is elegant, classy, and romantic. He somehow always captures the best moments and all the smiles during a wedding. For all the reasons above, Tommy quickly became…. pretty much our only option. On the wedding day, Tommy is very professional and accommodating. He arrived at our hotel room at 6:30 am in the morning and followed us the whole day. He never took a break, and he didn’t even eat anything because he is so busy running around taking pictures. After the wedding, he even took us to a beach park nearby to shoot more photos. He took thousands of pictures on our wedding day, and they all came out great! We were a little nervous before receiving the final photos. Once we looked at them, they were all natural and beautiful. They were simply beyond amazing! We still have family and friends who became emotional looking at these photos. If you are a bride like me who wants to record all your memorable moments in beautiful photos, who wants to wow your most picky girlfriends, you WILL NOT go wrong with Tommy!! He will put you in a piece of art work that you will cherish forever and will someday share with your children."

--Lin & Cheng

Stanford Memorial Church Wedding by Tommy Xing 斯坦福婚礼婚纱照.jpg

"I can't even begin to describe what an amazing experience we have had so far with Tommy as our photographer for our engagement and official wedding. We were referred to Tommy by our friend and I have to say it has been one of the best referrals yet. I contacted Tommy to set up a call to see if he would be a good fit as our photographer for our engagement photos. He was so professional and extremely humble and had no problems answering all of our silly questions. We were instantly sold on Tommy after our first call, and actually stopped researching other photographers because we knew we were going to be working with someone with a great personality that has that artistic and creative eye for a great picture/shot. You could instantly tell that photography isn't just a business for him, it's his passion. I think that's an important characteristic in a photographer. You will not regret having Tommy as your photographer. If you're looking for someone with a great personality, responsive, accommodating, talented, dedicated, with a passion for photography.. look no further, he is the real deal."

--Sissi & Li

Los Angeles Pre-Wedding  by Tommy Xing 洛杉矶婚纱照.jpg

"Tommy and Wei are a sweet, creative couple that we had the fortune to work with. They have been very flexible to try to accommodate our crazy schedule. Tommy was both experienced and creative during the session, whose knowledge and energy really made the most out of our session and the result is awesome. His style for engagement session is natural, warm and heart-felt, so you do actually look like yourself in the pics. Highly recommend!"

--Lingyao & Wanqian

San Francisco Bay Area pre wedding by 美国洛杉矶旧金山婚礼婚纱照摄影师Tommy Xing.jpg

"Shooting our pre-wedding photos with Tommy and Wei was an unforgettable joyful experience! We shoot at Stanford campus and Baker's beach. Tommy is definitely a great, dedicated and professional photographer. I know he has a great taste the first time I glanced through his portfolio. He knows how to make you look the best under a specific setting! The only thing we need to do is to trust him and do whatever he asked us to do! We were anxious about the photo shooting, since we have no experience ever! But his profession makes us feel that we are great~ I would have to say Wei is a great assistant too! Not only do the couple work lovely together, she's so caring and funny and we love her. They prepared us water and snacks too! So sweet~ I would never imagine my husband and I look so great when we see the photos come out :)"

--Jia & Zhao

San Francisco Bay Area pre wedding by 美国旧金山洛杉矶婚礼婚纱照摄影师Tommy Xing.jpg

"Highly recommend! As Chinese, taking pre-wedding photos is our tradition. One of the difficulties of pre-wedding photos is that you are not shooting on the wedding day, and you want to look as happy as the special day. Tommy did a fantastic job. He brought out the deepest and the most truthful feeling of us. He didn't ask us to purposely act or pose in front of the camera, instead, he guided us to play some games, just kept smiling and left everything else to him. I did extensive homework trying to find a photographer. When I saw Tommy's works, I was shocked and determined this is what I want. He is really nice and patient, from the first inquiry email to the final touch on our pictures. I have experience with other photographers before for our engagement and civil ceremony. I have to admit, Tommy is the best. When I saw the pictures, I was so moved that I almost cried. I think this is the best proof of his tremendous work."

--Yao & Ding

玻璃教堂婚礼 Wayfaeres Chaple Wedding by 洛杉矶婚纱婚礼跟拍摄影师Tommy Xing.jpg

"Tommy was our wedding photographer. After looking at many wedding photos and talking to other photographers, we decided to go with Tommy. That was one of our best decisions. Tommy, and his wife Weiwei, were very professional. They had every detail thought out. Not only did they create amazing wedding photos, they also responses fast and they put us at ease without worrying about posing and without any stress. Super fast turnaround time. Final photos looked classically romantic. We would recommend Tommy to our friend and family, and to those are looking for great wedding photographers."

--Geman & Bibo

Stanford Memorial Church Wedding by Tommy Xing 斯坦福婚礼跟拍婚纱照.jpg

"Tommy and his wife Wei are the most talented photographers I have ever met. I reviewed dozens of photographers for my wedding before I found Tommy and fell in love with Tommy's style the moment I saw his first image. Tommy captured our precious moment perfectly and documented the dynamic personality and story through his creative use of lighting and professionalism. Tommy and wei have very charming personality and we had a blast working with them. When our guests saw our wedding photos, everybody praised my decision for having Tommy at my wedding. Tommy has a real passion for photography and I could see him become one of the most wonderful photographers in the world one day."

--Fiona & Aaron

San Francisco Bay Area pre-wedding by 美国洛杉矶旧金山婚礼婚纱照摄影师Tommy Xing.jpg

"I felt very lucky to have Tommy and Weiwei for our engagement photo. They were very responsible for our event and even went to the sites one day earlier to get prepared for the best time/scene. On the photo shoot day, they were so considerate and even brought snacks in case we were hungry :) The most importantly, my fiance and I were very satisfied with our photos by Tommy. They are so beautiful and natural. The pics will definitely be a great memory for us. Thank you so much Tommy and Weiwei!"

--Ting & Runlai

Los Angeles Pre-Wedding  by Tommy Xing 洛杉矶santa monica海边婚纱照.jpg

"It was a memorable experience to have engagement photos shot at Santa Monica Pier and Getty Center! Thank Tommy for catching those beautiful moments for us. He has very good sense of lights, timings and composition. Also his wife as his assistant is very nice and professional. I highly recommend Tommy for who are looking for a photographer to record the once a life time monument in their wedding!"

--Xiaoliang & Yikai

new york wedding纽约婚礼跟拍 by 美国洛杉矶婚礼摄影师Tommy Xing.jpg

"Tommy photographed our wedding at Brooklyn NY this past October. He is worth every penny! Key reasons I recommend him: 1, he is very amicable: He tells jokes, provides suggestions. He makes the day easier and happier. It is very important to pick a person easy to work with to make the wedding day less stressful. 2,very responsive: He provided suggestions through my wedding preparation. 3, considerate: He shared several beautiful photos within a week of wedding day. 4, fantastic photos: Look at his portfolios :)"

--Rebecca & Conrad