I had a great time shooting with Stephanie. She is an amazing dancer. This was her first dance shoot, and she really enjoyed it a lot!!! I always feel great photographing dancers. It’s like I can capture their souls, not only the dance or movement itself.

Most dancers probably never got an opportunity to be photographed with their dance freely just for themselves. I’m not talking about their dance on the stage, but just quietly in front of a camera and dancing for themselves. I capture the years or decades of training they did and all the effort they put behind the stage. I just feel so good about it.

When I photograph their dance, I never posted them! Dancers are not supposed to be posed!!! I always let them reveal their souls with dance naturally. That’s why when you look at my photos, you can feel they are still moving in the images. Yes, I’m super quick and I can crystallize it with my way of using lighting.

MUA: Chiara Effe

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