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Tommy Xing Photography Workshop: Seeing the light

Hi Everyone, I’m holding two photography workshops aiming for beginners to intermediate photographers. One will be in Los Angeles and the other one will be in San Francisco Bay Area. Each workshop is limited to 5 people. Right now there are two spots left for the LA and one left for SF. So I’m giving a shout over here. We are going to have a beautiful model for live photo shooting and demonstration as well – in studio and on location!

A little bit about myself: Photography is my passion. After graduating with two master degrees and working as a mechanical engineer for 4 years, I decided to follow my heart and became a photographer. I’ve been shooting weddings & portraits full-time since 2012, and got over 200 weddings under my belt. My work also won many awards from top international competitions like WPPI.


Price: $295 per person.


What are you going to get from this workshop: It will be 100% about lighting. I’m going to teach how to see light, not setups or rules of using light. This will give you the ability of creating your own lighting.


- Seeing light differently. Tommy will teach you how to see light that camera sees.
- Understanding light and shadow.
- Tommy will teach you how to find good natural light source in almost anytime and anywhere.
- Tommy will demonstrate how to get dramatic pictures with two natural lighting scenarios that we see everyday.
- Live Photo Shoot and Review.


If anyone is interested, please email me at

美国洛杉矶旧金山婚礼婚纱摄影师Tommy Xing los angeles best wedding photography workshop.jpg

This will be our beautiful model for LA's workshop!